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Hullo! My name is Christopher Carlone! I'm a musician, actor, performance artist, dance artist, photographer, film maker and Reiki practitioner. 

In realms of photography (2007 - Present), I have been lucky to photograph album covers for EARTHEATER's debut album from 2015, "Metalepsis", Grammy Award Winner, Irish singer Susan McKeown, Thrill Jockey Recording artist White Hills, Los Angeles Legend of weird, Nora Keyes, New Haven Connecticut's Brian Ember for his album "The New Chastity" and NYC electronic folk artist, Elisa Flynn . My photographs have been published in Entertainment Weekly, Premier Guitar Player Magazine, LA Weekly, Village Voice, Huffington Post, Metal Injection, No Depression and Vice News.


With my video work, (1991 - Present) I am currently self producing, directing, shooting and editing a feature documentary about the 1980s Tucson Arizona underground music scene called "A Tale of Two Houses". Aside from my current project, I have directed 2 short films, "Variations On Us" and "Nothing Beneath Us". I have assistant edited 3 features, "Breaking LA", "Skipping Joy" and "My Name was Bette". I have proudly self produced, directed, shot and edited over 100 music videos.


From 2010 - 2012, I produced, hosted and edited Broadway and Off Broadway promotional videos and interviews for 


In the musical realms I have non stop played in bands for the last 35 years in Tucson, San Francisco, NYC, Philly and Los Angeles. Most notably I am the creator of Borts Minorts (2007- present).A high energy, spandex clad performance art, experimental music persona who played his own home made electric instruments such as the Electric Ski Bass, Electric Stumptar and hose trombone, he has performed nationwide to mass appeal. My latest EP with Timo Ellis of The Netherlands will be released on Nefarious Industries in the winter of 2022.


As a dance artist, my work has been most inspired through Butoh studies with Vangeline France and the New York Butoh Institute where I have studied under Vangeline France, Diego Pinon, Tadashi Ebdo, Katsura Kan, Dairakudakan Co., Vanessa Skantze, Yumiko Yoshioka, Mari Osanai, Kudo Takateru. Additionally, I have studied ritual movement with Yokko of Ren Gyo Soh and Jacquelyn Marie Shannon of Butoh as a Ghostly Practice.As a dance artist most notably I have curated and performed in Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens New York, performed at The Coney Island Sideshow Stage, performed with Yoshiko Usami Sienkiewicz's company Ren Gyo Soh at Triskellion Arts in Brooklyn, New York Butoh Institute in Times Square for the 9/11 tribute and curated and performed an evening of ritual dance and noise called Get The Poison Out at the Schwick Market in Brooklyn.


Outside of the arts, I am a Shamanic Reiki practitioner who has studied under Shannon O'Neill Loyola (Radical Reiki) and received my master level attunement from Victoria Tiley of Awen Spirit Healing. I also proudly completed my End of Life Doula training with INELDA (International end of Life Doula Association) and spent 2018/19 volunteering in Hospice Care with Hospice of New York.

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